What’s Sky Interactive My Sky?


Interactive TV is a great way to quickly manage your Sky account, fix a problem, buy Sky products and more, right on your TV. It’s more convenient than calling us or dropping the remote and firing up the internet.


And now it just got even better with My Sky.


What’s new?


Simply press Yellow on your Sky Remote on any live TV channel to launch My Sky (you’ll see it open on the right of your screen), where you can access all the fantastic features of Interactive TV and some exciting new features, but now without missing a minute of the action.




Some of the functions will still open in full screen, but we’ll notify you before they do, and we're working on adding more features to My Sky very soon.


This is Interactive TV, on a whole new level.


What can I do?


You’ll still get all the great current features of Interactive TV, but you can now access them all from one place – with some exciting new features added too. You can:


  • See account notifications – if you’ve received a notification from us, you’ll see it in the top tile on the My Sky homepage.
  • Manage your bills and payments – pay a bill or change the date you pay us.
  • Change your PIN – forgotten your TV PIN? No problem, you can change it right here on your TV.
  • View and manage your Sky package – see what you’ve got and buy new Sky products.
  • View and edit your details – change the details we have about you and even check out your latest offers.
  • Fix common problems – get help to fix problems with your Sky products, like TV picture problems or No Satellite Signal.


How do I get My Sky?


We’ll be updating all compatible Sky+HD boxes over the next few weeks, so you might see these new features on your TV before or after your friends.


Check your model number in this table to see if your box is compatible for this update.


Also, make sure your Sky box is connected to the internet. Check out the Connect to your router section in this article.


How do I use My Sky?


When you’re all connected, just press Yellow on your Sky remote from any live TV channel, and you'll see My Sky open on the right side of the TV. And the great news is you can continue to watch your favourite shows.


Just use the arrow buttons on your Sky remote to navigate through the menu tiles and press select to choose a menu item.


Press back up on your Sky remote to go back a step or press select when prompted on screen to go somewhere else.


How do I get more help?


You can get more help on Interactive TV and Sky+ HD from the Sky+ discussion area.