Tackle nuisance calls with Sky Talk Shield

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So... You're sitting on the couch starting up the PS4 or turning on your favorite TV Show and lo and behold your phone rings, It's the PPI company!


Nuisance calls are just that, a nuisance and Sky hope to help you fight the good fight. There are a few different options available to you.


I used to receive calls asking for someone else that is't in my household and this is because all phone numbers are recycled so if you change your number you will just receive the same amount of nuisance calls as before if not more.


So here are some sure fire ways that work. 



What is Sky Talk Shield?


It's a service for Sky talk customers which allows you to screen and block calls. It's simple to add and manage from My Sky including managing Blocked and Whitelisted numbers and toggling the call screening feature on and off. 


When Sky Talk Shield is turned on, all callers will first be screened and asked to state their name, you will then receive a call with the caller's name and from there you can decide whether to add them to the Star list or Block list. 


If someone gets in contact and you want them to be able to call without having to go through the screening process then add them to your Star list. If you would like the number to stop calling you then add it to the Block list


How much is Sky Talk Shield? It's Free.


For full details on set up and management of Sky Talk Shield see here.





The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a free service that allows you to register your preference to not receive unsolicited calls. It is a legal requirement that all organisations do not make such calls to numbers registered with the TPS unless they have your consent to do so. 


If you would like to register your number with the TPS then you can do so here.



Call Barring


If you're in a non-Sky Network area,  find out how to activate call barring here.


If you have any other questions about nuisance calls then feel free to Contact Us or post your question in our Talk Board.


I have sky broadband and sky talk but when i try to activate sky shield for talk is says i am not in a sky network area. How can this be?


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If you are having issues with activation then please Contact Us and we will activate it for you.




Trying to activate Sky talk shield but website keeps saying not in Sky network area. Have Sky Q, fibre broadband and talk. Why can't I get talk shield?


I had to ring Sky and they were able to activate Shiels  although it took about 15 minutes on the phone. Not a problem as call was free.  Lady said her activate button on my account worked fine so I guess that there is a problem with the Sky web or something stops it working . Anyway all is fne at the moment.


Just tried downloading the Sky Talk Shield user guide but came up with a certification error. If you try and print all you get is a blank page. All would suggest to me that it is a problem with the Sky website as other sites and docs print fine. 

If I add a "Witheld Number" call to my Block List will it block all "Withheld Number" calls?

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It will @Tom+Shropshire 

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that was meant to be a will not @Tom+Shropshire as It has been said in another post  that the sky systems can see the number still so it can still block it 

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what wrong with not in sky network area


Morning!  Can I just clarify please?  A friend of mines number is withheld & sometimes she forgets to key the code to make it visible, so I don't answer!  If I added her number to my star list am I correct in thinking her call will get through to me? 


Unfortunately our our local hospital withholds their number when they call,  I am hoping that if it is a staff member that they will say who they are & therefore the call will come through to us.


They also have an automated system to confirm appointments, but I am thinking that the system will class this as a robot & not let it through.


thanks in advance for your help

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Hi @maudips,


Please find the information you are looking for here.


Kind regards,


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Video managed to not mention how you actually perform any other actions such as accept the call or block it. I mean, do i press a button on my phone keypad. If so, why wasn't his mentioned the the video?

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Answer the Call just the once press 1


Answer the call and put the number on to your star list press *


Reject the call and add the number to your Block list press #


Re-direct the call to your Sky voicemail press 9  ( if you have sky voicemail)



Does Sky know that if you activate Sky Talk Shield and then select the link to Manage Talk Shield you are drawn into an infinite loop?
Come on guys tell new users HOW to use it!

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I have just activated sky shield, entered numbers and tested, appears to work OK............. except any number that starts 079.. does not display in starred list. why?

cannot check entered or amend, though those I can test do appear to be recognised correctly.



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Hi all - if you need any help or information on Sky Talk Shield you can make a post in the Talk Community and I'm sure someone will be willing to help out.