Sky Box Sets Christmas gift ends 23rd March

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Last December, Sky contacted you by email to say thank you for being a customer.


Original and Variety Bundle customers received a free gift of 3 months free Box Sets, this was automatically activated on your Sky Box. We wanted to let you know that this will be coming to an end from 23rd March 2017. 


Which Box Sets will I keep?


Customers who subscribe to the Variety bundle will continue to enjoy Factual Box Sets as part of your normal subscription. 

Click Here to subscribe to the Sky Box Sets Bundle


What about episodes I've downloaded?


Anything you've downloaded to your Planner will remain available to you after 23rd March.

Please note: Programmes set to 'Scheduled' using the download all function, have not been downloaded and therefore will not be able to view after the 23rd March.


How do I keep Sky Box Sets?


Simply subscribe to the Box Set Bundle.


I didn't get the email


Sky will regularly contact customers to let you know about offers and unmissable shows we think you'll be interested in. Log in to My Sky and update your contact details to avoid missing out. 


Take a  look at some of the Box Sets being added to the collection in April.

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What time do the box sets end?

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Hi FionaP, there will be a gradual removal over the next few days, starting late tonight.

Hi there, are the boxsets still being removed? because I still have access to the majority of them

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Hi Jonathan0687, It's going to take a few days to get back to normal. Hope you don't mind the extra time to enjoy Sky Box Sets Smiley Happy

It's great having the extra time. Thanks for your reply