New help videos: getting started with Sky Q

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If you've just got Sky Q and want to know what the best tips and tricks are. Or you're thinking about getting Sky Q and would like to see how easy it is to use just take a look below. 


Find out exactly what we mean when we say My Q, take a tour around the EPG and find out the quickest ways to find your way around.



Next, get to grips with your recordings, fast forward, scan to specific points and when you're done with a series, delete all. On a binge and want to watch the next episode? Easy, find out how. 



While you're at it you may as well watch some more. The Sky Help YouTube channel has all sorts of help available. 


If you need more help getting to grips with Sky Q or want to know anything about it you can head straight over to the Sky Q Community and join the discussion. 

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I am getting conflicting information, I rang about cancelling as I have come to the end of a deal,  after nearly 10 hrs of  on and off chat, one deal I was considering included sky q box T2, I wanted to us with my uhd tv I had just bought,  I have 2tv but don't need multi room.   I have been reading many different topics trying to see if I will be able to use my magic eye with sky q but have come across something mor upsetting as they were selling it to me to use with my tv is that unless I pay for multi room I won't get uhd is this right

Community Manager

To view in Ultra HD you would need a subscription to Sky Q Multiscreen.


Would be a good idea for the customer service people selling the boxes to know this as I told them I wanted it to veiw my uhd tv

thank you for your prompt reply.


Is it possible to join VIP via a PC ?

And if so - How ?

Since my android moby keeps saying it is not compatible and unable to download MYSKY ?

Can someone confirm please - Precisely which Samsung android phones DO ALLOW MYSKY VIP applications on download?