Improvements to Sky VIP Tickets

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Since the launch of Sky VIP, a number of you have told us that you’ve found the process to claim tickets to be a tad frustrating. You’ve told us that you often felt like you never really stood a chance,  with the most sought-after tickets becoming fully booked very quickly. 


"I check everyday on the My Sky app for free tickets. Every day I look it just says fully booked. I think you need to change the system for tickets as most people will never have a chance to get tickets." - Neil brooks 

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"It’s a great thing to be able to get free tickets for events however in the months I’ve had the Sky app, I haven’t been able to secure anything. I know there’s thousands of people and limited availability but for people who work, they can’t be on the app 24/7 or even at regular intervals." - N1ckd77

We acknowledge the frustration this has caused, so we’re pleased to announce a number of key changes that we hope will make claiming tickets better and fairer for all Sky VIP members. The changes include:-


  • The introduction of ticket ballots for our most popular tickets such as the Premier League. You can now enter a ticket ballot by simply clicking “enter” next to the event within the Sky VIP section of the My Sky app. Winners will then be selected at random.
  • Members will only be able to claim one set of football tickets per league per season.
  • Members will still have the option to access tickets on a first come, first served basis, however, this is limited to one booking per calendar month.
  • We’ve introduced a No Show Policy which means we can restrict access to future events should members decide to book and not show up (we hope never to have to use this).

In addition to this, we’ll be introducing a new form of competition which will give members the opportunity to show off their skills to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as tickets to the Rugby World Cup Final.


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Finally, thanks to your feedback the Sky VIP programme continues to grow and develop.


This is much better and fairer to all, but how do I see what ballot I have entered?

Community Manager

There are a number of ways @MontyStu. The My Sky app will outline the date and time you entered a ballot when you go to the tickets screen. You'll also receive an email to confirm you've entered and when you enter a ballot there will be a confirmation screen on the My Sky app after you've clicked enter.

Sound Supervisor

Due to a disability I cannot use a 'smartphone' (a misnomer if ever there was one) and therefore cannot access/use My Sky app.

The sooner there is a some other way of using My Sky app for those who for some reason cannot use it, the better.