Importing e-mails to your Sky Yahoo! Mail account from 31st March

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From the 31st of March Yahoo! are switching to a more modern and secure method of delivering email from another provider into your Sky Yahoo! Mail account. Read on for more information on what you need to do. 


Converting your account


If you already import e-mail from other supported account providers to your Sky account you will receive a prompt asking you to either convert your account into an IMAP account or switch off this ability.  


If you still want to import your emails from another provider you need to click "Convert account" and you will be taken to the account settings area.




 From this area, you can re-add the details of the account you want to import from. Please note that imported emails can only be viewed on and won't appear on any clients you have such as Outlook, Apple Mail etc.


Supported providers


Our supported providers for e-mail import are Google, Yahoo!, AOL & Outlook. All other providers are unsupported and you will see a slightly different prompt. 




Thanks for reading. If you have any further questions then you can head over to our dedicated e-mail discussion area. We have many knowledgeable and helpful members in there who would love to help.  


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Useful information!


So as I understand it, and I cannot find any other way, unless it is coming from a supported account such as Google or Outlook one will not be able to import from another external account such as you own domain.



Boom Operator

Yes that seems to be true. However given Yahoo's abysmal security record that can only be a good thing. 


If you did want to work round it.. create a new gmail account.. import your domain mail into that using POP3/IMAP.. and then use Yahoo to import it again into Yahoo.. That should work.


Despite sending the message they will be no longer importing emails from ceertain accounts they are still doing so despite the fact  I have also removed the accounts. What a load of tosh.