Wouldn't hurt a fly

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Wouldn't hurt a fly

  My gf, who loves all animal life ( including insects ) & literally wouldn't hurt a fly, sent me the following email from her workplace today:

  " Whilst on a phone interview I had a fat fly sitting on a can of Tango someone left on my desk that had juice in the top. He was drinking from it,so after my call I took him and his can outside and he stayed still and continued drinking. I left him in the shelter by the bin. I poured some of the tango for him on the bin. " 

  How nice was that?

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Re: Wouldn't hurt a fly

Let's face it women are weird I live with a bird nut who wakes me up to rhyme off what is singing and being with her in the car is to take your life in your hands as the car veers to avoid birds or to point out a hawk or the lesser fantailed butternut squash. But I have loved her since 1969. Fortunately we live in the country ......and I only get in the car now for a monthly Dr visit. And if she ever reads this I am dead.

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Re: Wouldn't hurt a fly

Smiley Very Happy Heart She should have taken a pic!

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Re: Wouldn't hurt a fly


Things you should not ask your gf...

  • Do you think there are indoor flies and outdoor flies?
  • Do you think flies can find their way back to their families once someone moves them?
  • Can flies get Diabetes?
  • Can I have the rest of your Tango?

Smiley LOL

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