What to do if the internet light on your hub is orange?

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What to do if the internet light on your router is orange?


If the internet light on your Sky Hub is continually flashing orange, then it means that it’s having problems establishing an internet connection.



First things first


The first thing you should do is check if there are any problems in your area affecting internet access in general by using the status page. You’ll need to log in to get information more specific to you.



OK, so no known issues on the status page, what next?


We have a really handy tool that can help you get to the bottom of your connection problems right here.


Before starting you will want to be in view of your Sky Hub. It’s probably best to do this on a mobile, if you have one, as you are asked questions about what your hub looks like, what the lights are doing as well as checks on your landline if you have one and your master socket.



Get to know what the lights on your router mean


The lights on your router can give you a heads up on what the problem could be. We have a great little video that explains this.



If you are still stuck, why not try our Broadband community before giving us a call. It’s full of helpful customers who really know their signal-to-noise ratio from their ping.


Think you could teach us a thing or two about broadband troubleshooting? Join the conversation.



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