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Getting new tech is always fun but it can be frustrating getting it set up and connected. Not to mention it can be worrying when you finally decide to give the kids the freedom of having their own devices.


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So I'm here to try and make getting your new devices set up quickly so you and your family can get browsing quickly and safely.



Getting Connected

We have some fantastic articles to help you get Apple, Android and personal computers connected here.



Setting up parental controls

If you have just bought a new device as a present for one of the kids then keeping them safe will be at the forefront of your mind.


If you would like to protect the whole household in one swoop then Broadband Shield is the tool of choice for many. If you want to apply parental control to a specific device then the Internet Matters website is a fantastic tool.


Broadband Shield

A great way to offer your kids the protection they need is to use our free tool Broadband Shield.

It's super easy to set up and offers protection from the following types of sites:


Pornography & Adult

Suicide & Self Harm

Weapons, Violence, Gore & Hate

Anonymisers, File sharing & Hacking

Drugs & Criminal Skills


Phishing & Malware


If you would like help setting up Broadband Shield, click here.


Internet Matters

Setting up parental controls on a device before you wrap it is a great way to make sure that they are protected from the second they open the gift.


The Internet Matters campaign has helped countless parents and children & they offer some fantastic tutorials on how to set up parental controls on either the whole household or specific devices across a large range of services such as Netflix & iTunes. It also covers multiple platforms such as mobile, personal computers & gaming systems



You can access 'Internet Matters' here


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