Sky Q Hub: what do those lights mean?

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When the lights on your Sky Q Hub change colour this means that your hub is trying to tell you something. Different combinations of lights mean different things. Our aim here is to help you to speak fluent Sky Q Hub, read on for more information.


So what do the lights mean on my Sky Q Hub?


All lights are green – none are flashing


Your Sky Q Hub is working properly and you’re connected to the internet.



All lights are off


Your Sky Q Hub is not receiving power.


  • Check that it’s plugged in at the mains and that the mains socket is switched on.
  • Check that the power cord connected to your Sky Q Hub is firmly in place. 


Power and wireless lights are green, internet light is off



Your Sky Q Hub is not receiving an internet signal. This could be because:


  • Your grey DSL cable has become loose. Check that it’s still plugged securely into both your Sky Q Hub and the Sky Hub port of your master microfilter or the DSL port of your pre-filtered master phone socket. If you’re using a microfilter, make sure it’s plugged securely into your master phone socket.
  • It’s not set up correctly. For help with this, see our article Set up your Sky Q Hub.
  • It’s not receiving a broadband signal from your local exchange. To see if there are broadband outages in your area, check your Service Status


Power light is green, internet light is flashing amber





Your Sky Q Hub has detected a broadband signal and is establishing a stable connection. This can take up to two minutes, after which the light should turn green and stop flashing. If the internet light flashes for longer, go to our Fix your broadband problems guide for more help. 



Wireless light is off, other lights are green 



Wireless networking may be disabled. You’ll need to reset your Sky Q Hub or check your wireless settings.

To reset your Sky Q Hub to factory default settings:


  • Press and hold the Reset button on the back of your Sky Q Hub for at least 10 seconds, until the power light flashes green.

To check your wireless settings:


  • Open an internet browser. Where you’d usually enter a website address (such as type
  • The router overview page should appear. SelectWireless.
  • You’ll then need to log in. Your username is admin and password sky. Unless you’ve changed them.
  • Make sure the settings for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz have the wireless access point enabled and visible. 


Power light is flashing amber




Your Sky Q Hub is in recovery mode. This can happen after a software upgrade. To fix this you just need to press the Reset button on the back of your Sky Q Hub.



Power light is red




There’s a problem with your Sky Q Hub’s power supply. You’ll need to contact us for more help. 



More info on the lights on your Sky Q Hub




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no pictures on recordings list on sky q mini box and message saying you have a broadband connection problem

New Viewer

New socket on the wall because i want to put skyhub closeto the computer


Can I connect the SKY Q box  using the AV cable into my DVD recorder and at the same time the HDMI cable is plugged into the TV?

I was wondering if I could transfer a recording from the SKY Q box to my DVD recorder.

The SKY +HD box I had previously I could do that.


In the instruction booklet which came with the SKY + HD box there is a paragraph telling you how to transfer recordings to DVD recorders.

It is strange ther are no intructions like this with the new SKYQ box.

There are times that I might record somethingon the SKYQ box  that I would like to keep on a DVD disc.

Can someone please let me know. Thanking you