List of Voice Control commands for Sky Q

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With Voice Control, you’re able to do even more with your Sky Q touch remote - here's a list of the Voice Control commands you can try out.


For more information on how to use Voice Control visit our page here


Category Voice Control Command Description
<Movie title>
Searches for specified movie

<Programme title>
Searches for specified programme

<Actor name>
Searches for content which stars specified actor

<Director name>
Searches for content directed by specified director

<Movie genre>
Searches for movies within specified genre

<Sport genre>
Searches for sport content within specified genre. Genres include football, F1, Rugby Union, Cricket, and Rugby League

<Channel name>
Searches specific channel

<x> star movies OR movies rated <x> stars
Searches for movies with a specific star rating

<Picture format>
Searches for content with specified picture format. Picture format includes SD, HD, and Ultra HD
Accessibility Subtitles on Turns subtitles on
Turn subtitles on
Subtitles off Turns subtitles off
Turn subtitles off
Audio description on Turn audio description on
Turn audio description on
Audio description off Turn audio description off
Turn audio description off
Change Channels Channel up Changes up a channel
Up channel
Move channel up
Down channel Changes down a channel
Move channel down
Down channel
Tune to channel <channel number OR channel name> Changes to specified channel
Tune to <channel number OR channel name>
Change to <channel number or channel name>
Change channel to <channel number or channel name>
Main Menu Home Opens My Q
Main menu
Go to main menu
Go home
Go to home
Home screen
Take me to main menu
Recordings Planner Opens Recordings menu
My planner
Go to recordings
Go to planner
Open recordings
Take me to recordings
Open my recordings
Open recording area
My recordings
New Series New series Opens New series menu
Go to new series
Catch Up TV Catch Up Opens Catch Up TV menu
Catch Up TV
Go to Catch Up
Open Catch Up
Take me to Catch Up
My Q My Q Opens My Q
Go to My Q
Open My Q
Sky Box Sets Sky Box Sets Opens Sky Box Sets
Go to Sky Box Sets
Open box sets
Open Sky Box Sets
Box sets
Take me to Sky Box Sets
Go to box sets
Take me to box sets
Sky Cinema Sky Cinema Opens Sky Cinema
Go to Sky Cinema
Open Sky Cinema
Video on Demand
Open Video on Demand
Open VoD
Go to VoD
Take me to Video on Demand
Sky Store Sky Store Opens Sky Store menu
Go to Sky Store
Open Sky Store
Open store
Go to store
Take me to store
Sky Sports Sports Opens Sports menu
Go to sports
Open sports section
Go to sports section
Kids Kids Opens Kids menu
Go to Kids
Open Kids section
Go to Kids section
Music Music Opens Music menu
Go to music
Open music
Open music section
Go to music section
Online Video Online Video Opens Online Video menu
Internet Video
Go to Online Video
Go to Online Video section
Take me to Online Video
Open Internet Video
Settings Settings Opens settings menu
Go to settings
Open settings
Go to settings area
Help Menu Help Opens Help menu
Help with Sky Q
Open help
Go to help
Take me to help
Give me some help
Please help
Please help me
Help me
TV Guide Guide Opens TV Guide
TV Guide
Channel list
Open TV Guide
Go to TV guide
Open guide
Open channel list
Go to grid
Open channel grid
Hello Hi OSM: hello
Talk to me
Hello Sky
Exit Menu Cancel Guide Exit menu
Press cancel
Exit button
Play / Pause / Fast Forward / Rewind Fast forward Fast Forward
Rewind Rewind
Faster Speeds up Fast Forward / Rewind speed
Slower Slows Fast Forward / Rewind speed
Jump to <x> Go to a specified time in a recording
Jump to <x> minutes
Go to <x>
Go to <x> minutes
Freeze Pause recording or live TV
Pause that
Pause there
Pause now
Pause TV
Pause the TV
Play Play selected recording
Play now
Start playing
Begin playing
Queue up
Start watching
Carry on playing
Carry on with
Continue watching
Play <name of content> Play specified recording
Play now <name of content>
Watch from Start Plays recording / show from beginning
Fast Forward <x>
Rewind <x>
Rewind to <x>
Skip <x>
Skip <x> minutes
Go forward <x>
Go forward <x> minutes
Skip backwards <x>
Skip backwards <x> minutes
Go back <x>
Go back <x> minutes
Next Play next episode
Next episode
Next highlight
Next one
Turn off box Go to sleep Switches box to standby
Turn off
Skybox off
Sky Q off
Turn STB off
Power off
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I'm planning to get a Sky Q 2TB box (which will have the touch remote) very soon, so this will be helpful once I get it.