How to set a timer on your broadband network

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Your Router Status page gives you direct access to the settings on your Sky Broadband Hub. Once logged in you'll be able to change your wireless password, view router stats, find the best wireless channel for your home network and so much more! 

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I'm going to share with you the steps you'll need to set a timer on your home broadband network.



How to set a timer to your broadband network


First, you need to connect to your Router status page;


  • Make sure you're connected to you home broadband network
  • Open your Internet Browser
  • In the address bar type and click enter.
  • When prompted enter the username: admin and password: sky (lowercase)

 Now you're logged in, set a schedule;


  • Select the Security tab, followed by Schedule
  • Select the Days/Times you want to restrict access
  • Click Apply.
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Next, apply that schedule to specific devices...


  • Whilst in the router status page, click the Advanced tab followed by LAN IP Setup.
  • Under Address reservation click Add.
  • Click the radio button next to one of the devices you want to block.
    • You'll see the IP address, MAC address and device name appear below.
  • Change the IP address to
  • Click Add, you'll be told a restart is needed, click Cancel.
  • Add devices one at a time by clicking the radio button next to the device, changing the IP address, then clicking add.
    • The IPs must be used in order, so your second IP should be Your third should end 52 and so on. (Keep a note of the IPs you've used)
  • Once you've added your last device you can restart your router. Click OK.

(If logged out, log back into the router status page)


  • Click the Security tab then Firewall rules
  • Under Outbound services click Add, and then next to:
    • Service- dropdown select Any (ALL).
    • Action- dropdown select BLOCK by schedule.
    • LAN Users- dropdown select Address range.
    • Start- type
    • Finish- type the IP address you gave to the last device you added.
  • Select Apply.

Check out the video below which will show you how to connect to your router status page.



TIP: If you want to return your Sky Hub to factory settings, press and hold the reset button on the back of the Sky Hub until the power light flashes on and off four times then remains on. This will take approximately 10 seconds. The Sky Hub should reboot and connect to the internet.


To find out what else you can do with your router status page click here.

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It might be worth putting up why you would want to "set a timer on your broadband network"


I read this and it made sense, but still did not understand why you would want too?!?!?!?

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stop the kids acess the intrernet at 12.00am when they should be sleeping ?


Kids, if you're in this situation and don't fancy being ruled by mummy and daddy's iron fist, then go into your settings, then the wifi section, then note down all the numbers you see. Then change the network to "manual" and enter all the numbers you jotted down, but change the last set of numbers in the "IP address" to something like "200". Bobs your uncle, no schedule for you. 


Thanks Rich Smiley LOL

My teenagers don’t need any help trying to round the rules. Being able to use to internet is one of the only things you can actually use against them to get them

to do their jobs Smiley Tongue Smiley LOL



I hope someone can help me, I've managed to temporarily use the schedule to block my son using the internet at all, until he does what he's been asked to do, but I would like to stop my younger daughters using the internet after 8pm is it possible to have 2 different schedules in use at the same time? If so how do I do it?




Hi Chris. I've just had a look at the settings on my hub, it seems you can only have one schedule set. Sounds like your only option would be to purchase an additional wireless access point, setup a schedule on that instead, then make sure your daughters phone connect to the access point instead of the Hub


Thanks for your help Rich 😃👍,I'll have to look into doing that then.




No worries, it doesn't have to be anything too pricey, if you stick this number into eBay it'll give you the sort of thing you're after: 182050049250. Just make sure your sky hub has a spare yellow network port on it. 

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It is possible to block individual devices by following the steps below. Disconnecting each device from the wireless is a useful process of trial and error to identify which IP address is assigned to which device.


After setting a schedule(s)…


  • Click Advanced then LAN IP Setup.
  • Under Address reservation click Add.
  • Click the radio button next to the device you want to block.
  • Take a note of the IP address it's assigned.
  • Click Add.

If the IP address has changed the router will need to restart. Click OK to do this before you continue.


  • Click Security then Firewall Rules. You might need to Log into the router again.
  • Under Firewall Rules - Outbound Services click Add, and then next to:
    • Service choose Any(ALL).
    • Action choose BLOCK by schedule.
    • LAN Users choose Single address.
    • Start type the IP address of the device you want to block.
  • Click Apply.