How to install Magic Eye with IO link

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Take a look at the handy tips of how to set up your TV Link (Magic Eye) with your Sky+HD box. You can order yours from the Sky Accessories page, with your TV Link you'll be able to watch and control your Sky TV from another room.


What do you need?


  • a TV Link (available here)
  • iO Link (available here)
  • Length of co-axial cable (no more than 30m)

Install Magic Eye with iO Link.png


Install TV Link


  • Turn off the power to your Sky box.
  • Plug iO Link into iO port on the back of your box.
  • Connect the iO Link to the TV Link using the co-axial cable.
  • Turn the power back on. (Wait 3-4 mins before trying to take your Sky box out of standby)

Enable Power Supply.png


Enable Power Supply


  • Press Services, 0, 0, 1 Select (setup highlighted)
  • Scroll across to RF Outlets
  • Then down to RF Outlet Power Supply, switch this on.
  • Press Green to save settings.

The red power light on TV Link will now be lit and your Magic eye should be clearly visible in order to pick up remote commands.


Make sure your Sky box is switched ON and tuned to a channel. Tune your TV so it picks up your Sky picture. For instructions on how to do this, consult your TV manual or refer to the manufacturer's support website or helpline.


Once your TV is tuned you'll see the Sky picture and you'll be able to control the Sky box via the TV LINK.


Your Sky remote may need to be set up to work your TV functions, such as volume and mute. For help, see Program your Sky remote.


If you have any questions about setting up your TV Link, why not ask the Community?

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Can I do this with the new Sky Q as I could not afford the third room?



Community Manager

Afraid not @Upperdine1, there are no RF outlets on the Sky Q box.