Help with failed recordings

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From time to time a recording can fail for a variety of reasons including a loss of signal, power failure or hard drive fault.


This will usually result in a failure code "Unknown Technical Fault 1 to 12 (Failed Recording in the Planner" The error number may be anything from 1, 2, 3...12. Each number relates to a different reason for the fault. 


How do I find my failure code?


Highlight the failed recording in your planner and press i on your remote control. Now you know what your tech fault was, what can you do to stop this happening again?


Planner Rebuild


Even if you are aware of a power cut or bad weather which could have caused this, the best thing to do is perform a planner rebuild, it takes a few moments and can improve a multitude of recording related issues.



Check Catch-up


With the widest range of Catch Up TV channels available in one place, the next thing to try is searching for the programme which failed.


It’s happened again


Hmmm, let’s take another look at those fault codes. Tech Fault 2 and Tech Fault 5 mean the transmission time may have changed, e.g. A sporting event overran. In these circumstances, there’s nothing you could’ve done.

If you have seen multiple failed recordings with these Tech faults we may need to look at more drastic action.


Reset your Box 


This is a last resort. A System Reset permanently deletes all recordings, downloads, reminders and series links. You can restore copies of anything you’ve bought using Buy & Keep at


  • Press Services 
  • Press 0,0,1, Select (Setup should be highlighted)
  • Scroll to System Reset, press Select
  • A confirmation banner will appear, press Select to continue.


Your Sky Box will go into standby, give it at least 4 minutes before trying to start it up again.


If you continue to have persistent issues, your hard drive may be unrecoverable or there could be an intermittent signal drop out caused by overhanging trees for example. Either way, I’d suggest that you contact us or head over to the Sky+ Community.

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