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if i downgrade hd option can i still use the sky plus box

if i lose hd option will i still be able to record with the sky plus box?

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Yes you will still be able to record because all you need to be able to do this is a paying subscription for any package.

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You don't in fact need to subscribe to any Sky package to continue using Sky+ facility.

You can watch all the Freesat channels and just pay Sky £10 per month for using the record facility.


I've got an HD box and just watch the free BBC and ITV HD channels and record away quite happily.

In the past I've just had Freesat on it and just paid Sky for the Sky+ usage.


Freeview is enabled everywhere now, I'll soon simply replace my Sky box for a freeview recorder that does all the same things the Sky box does anyhow without any subscription which makes sense.


Usually if you phone the downgrade team they'll offer you all sorts of incentives to stay anyway.

I went to cancel my Entertainment package and was willing to just pay the £10 per month and I'm now into month 4 of just paying £5 for the entertainment package which means I don't have to pay the £10 for Sky+ only since I still have a package entitling me to free Sky+. I never watch any of the Entertainment channels but it means I'm only paying £5 per month for Sky+.


You do have all sorts of options. I will add though that if you cancel any package and you've previously recorded programmes, you will lose access to the recorded programmes from the channels you've cancelled.