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how can i conect my SONY HT-CT260 soundbar so my sky remote can control the volume on the sound bar


I want my sky remote to control the volume on my new CT260 soundbar not the volume on my TV as this is set to zero now I have the sound bar - any ideas?

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Hi JamesH1978,


If there is a compatible code for your sound bar then you will be able to do this.


All known codes for Sony are:




To programme the Sky remote to control an amplifier:

    1. Turn on amplifier.

    Using the Sky remote control:
  1. Press TV, then hold down select and 0 together until remote flashes twice.
  2. Input 4 digit Sky remote amplifier code form the look up table above. Remote flashes twice.
  3. Press left arrow to switch amplifier into standby. Correct code has been selected.

    If amplifier does not switch to standby, repeat the process using any other available manufacturer codes.

    To control the AV amplifier:
  4. Press TV select required amplifier function using table below.


RCU ButtonAV Amplifier FunctionWhat does this button do?
Left Navigation Standby Switches the amplifier in or out of standby.
Right Navigation Mute Mutes the sound from the amplifier.
Up Navigation Volume Up Increases the amplifier volume.
Down Navigation Volume Down Decrease the amplifier volume.
Rewind Audio Mode Selects the audio mode on the amplifier.
Fast Forward Effects On/Off Selects any available audio effects.
Stop Input Select

Selects available amplifier inputs.

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Code 2200 worked for me