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Sky Go not working anymore on Samsung Galaxy S3

Why can't I use Sky Go on my Android Samsung Galaxy S3? It worked perfectly until an automatic software upgrade this week. Now every time I try to watch Sky Go on my phone I get a message saying "Unfortunately Sky Go has stopped". There is an option to report it, which I have now done three times. This is very frustrating. Please can you advise when this problem will be resolved. This is a top-end phone that rivals the i-phone so it should certainly be working because a lot of your customers are going to be affected by this.


Do I need to uninstall the Sky Go app and reinstall? Or are we waiting for a fix from Sky?



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Richard+J+Wilson wrote:smileysurprised:r are we waiting for a fix from Sky?



You are waiting for Sky Go to app the app working on the Jelly Bean software that is now on your phone. Currently Sky Go will not work on any Andriod phone running Jelly Bean.



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unable to use sky go in my s3 since last week? Can anyone suggest how to fix? Thanks
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Hi @donaldi1


It's not good to see that you're unable to use Sky Go on your S3, can you tell me exactly what happens when you try to use the App? 



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I can't play Skygo on my Samsung Galaxy S3 the answer i get is this app is not supported on Rooted Android