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Lg surround sound remote code

Hi all, I'm trying to find the code for my LG Surround Sound system, have the ones for the tv but these dont work for surround sound. 

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See if this helps.



The codes that are available for a for LG amplifiers are:


1321, 1552, 2225 and 2417


Please note that the codes in bold require the latest version of remote control, this is the SkyRev.9F. You can find the version of the control by looking on the stickers inside the battery compartment.


To programme the remote:

  • Turn on AV amplifier.
  • Point remote control away from AV amplifier and press TV button.
  • Press and hold down the select and the 0 buttons until the red light at the top of the Sky Remote Control flashes twice.
  • Input first 4 digit code.
  • Point remote control at the amplifier.
  • Press the left arrow button on the remote control to try and switch the AV amplifier into standby.
  • If AV amplifier switches to standby then the other AV Amplifier functions should also work and the correct code has been selected.
  • If AV amplifier does not switch to standby, or all AV functions do not work correctly, then repeat the process using any other available codes for the brand.

If one of the codes supports your amp then some or all of the features below may be controlled by pressing tv then the following buttons:


RCU Button

AV Amplifier Function

What does this button do?

Left Navigation


Switches the unit onto Standby, or back out of standby.

Right Navigation


Mutes the sound from the AV amplifier.

Up Navigation

Volume Up

Switches the AV Amplifier volume up.

Down Navigation

Volume Down

Switches the AV Amplifier volume down.


Prologic On/Off

This switches the Dolby ProLogic functionality on or off.

Fast Forward

Effects On/Off

This deals with amplifier generated effects such as Stadium, Disco etc.


Input Select

This will select each of the inputs into the AV Amplifier in turn.


On widescreen tv Zoom

The Zoom function on a widescreen TV stretches a picture to fit as much of the screen as possible.


An additional option allows the Volume up, down and mute mode of the TV to be swapped with the Volume up, down and mute of the Amp. This means that in normal operation if the TV speakers are not connected and all sound is sourced via the Amp it will not be necessary to press the TV button first to adjust the sound of the Amp.

After changing this option volume up, down and mute for the Amp will be available in both Sky and TV mode on digibox, Sky+ and Sky+HD remote controls and the TV sound controls will be available on the up, down and right buttons when the remote is inn TV mode. Here is the procedure on how to swap the functions:


Setting the Sky remote control to swap the vol up, down and mute buttons.

1) Press 'Select' and '1' together and hold down until the LED on the remote control flashes twice.

The remote will now control the sound of the Amp when Volume up, down or mute are pressed and the TV sound if arrow up, down or right are pressed


**To reverse the setting and return to normal operation

2) Press 'Select' and '2' together and hold down until the LED on the remote control flashes twice.



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