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I'm getting a fuzzy picture on my second TV

How do I fix the picture on my other TV? it's gone fuzzy recently, the main TV is fine.

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Hi skystan,


I'm guessing you have your second TV set connected with an aerial or RF cable. If you are using something else such as a wireless video sender it may be best to check with the manufacturer.


The first thing to try is to retune the TV to pick up Sky. If you are not sure how to do this check the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer. If you post the make and model number on our forums we may be able to point you in the right direction.


If this doesn't help turn all the equipment off at the mains and check all the connection between the back of your set top box and the TV are secure. If you have any amplifiers or splitters check the instructions which came with these to ensure they are set up correctly.


If you still have problems then you may need to adjust the RF channel number, or frequency, the set top box is using to transmit the TV picture through the cabling to your second TV.


First of all check the handy tools available here and here to find out which RF channels your local transmitter(s) use. Please note that these tools were created and are maintained by an altruistic third party and not by Sky. It's also useful if you know what frequency any other equipment such as video recorders are using although not essential.


Access the installer setup menu on your set top box then navigate to RF out and enter a new RF channel number between 21 and 69. Try to stay 3 channels away from terrestrial transmissions or other equipment such as video recorders. You will lose the picture on the second TV, and any others connected by aerial cable, at this point. Retune the TV using the manufacturers instructions. If the picture is better save the setting. If not try another RF channel number.


I hope this helps but if not let us know on our forums and we will try to help further?

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