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Do I need a phone line for sky tv?

I want to sign up with sky and tried to do so last night online, however it states that skytv needs a tv line.

I don't have a line setup and I don't really want one as its an extra bill each month, so can I bypass this somehow? If so, how?

On the website it allows you to tick a box which states 'I have already ordered a line connection' so you don't have to input a phone number etc but will the engineer query it when he comes to install?



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Connecting your Sky box to a phone line for a minimum of 12 months is a contractual requirement. You can avoid this by paying a one-off fee to Sky of £25 (I think that's the current figure).

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It's part of Skys T&C's that you have a working phoneline connected to your box for the first 12 months

.However you can pay a one off fee of £25 not to have it connected.You will need to call Sky about this though.


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