The new Sky Community



Here at community HQ we feel it's time we got out with the old and in with the new, so we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a full new revamp!


So Stacey, what’s changed I hear you ask?! Step this way.




Welcome to your new look landing page where you’ll be able to update your profile details, change your avatar (because we all know no one wants to be the controller guy!), read and send private messages as well as check your community notifications.


Beautiful isn’t it?




You’ll also find a lot of the functionality is now right at your fingertips in a matter of clicks. The Community is now fully responsive on tablet and mobile, allowing you to pick up and get involved wherever you are.


The search bar is now prominent meaning you can tap in what you’re looking for and find it with ease, so that thread you were really engrossed in is easier to dive back into than before.




We’re making a big thing about our blogs, it’s full of pure gold so why not? You’ll see the latest featured blogs as soon as you hit the Community, but not only that our whole blog area looks completely different with a selection of categories so you can really immerse yourself in the blog content you’re most interested in.



Now the Community categories are easier to navigate, with each area showcasing its own content tile meaning you can be sure your post is landing in the right area with the right Community members to help. Not only that but each area is themed, making it a more colourful and engaging space to spend your time.


We hope you love this new vibrant and slick Sky Community due to launch on 25th January!


Why not give your thoughts in the comments below?




were exactly do i post a question about how to cancel mcaffe

last time i asked a question it was easy to find know  i feel like i am on a wild goose chase can sky get anymore annoying


  @mick444 Choose one of the five boards in the Broadband & Talk section of the forum, whichever one you think suits your issue best, & go from there. Remember though that you probably won't get an answer from Sky directly as this is a customer to customer based forum, therefore if it's anything to do with your account you might be better off giving sky a call, as forum members won't be able to help with anything to do with your account.

Camera Assistant

One thing they need to sort out is when you want to type a comment or reply, there is a large grey box "The community is unable to assist etc" covering the typing area.  There is a cross to click and clear this box obscuring the writing area but clicking it does not work!    Maybe  it's because I'm using Safari browser but it will be interesting to see if other browsers have the same problem.    The cross to clear the box appears to be inactive because when I move the cursor to the cross it does not change shape to show it's clickable.

So whatever opiniosn people may have about the re-design this is a basic web design issue Sky needs to fix unless they want the first 3 lines of everything we type to be obscured!

Interestingly this grey box does not appear here in the blog comment section - only on the board posts.

"Vibrant and slick" is OK but it needs to work too!

Camera Assistant

Yet another forum ruined by huge white spaces, huge fonts, unncessary large pics. ...before it was easy to see posts, subjects and get to where you want to go. Now its just a glorified shambles of endless scrolling. Absolute rubbish.

Camera Assistant

Sorry to add this to my previous comment but I am gettign used to this new design.  There doesn't appear to be any way of sensibly navigating to a Sky Q specific forum / discussion.  Doing a search on this new site takes me to the oldest posts first - it hardly seems logical to take people to posts from a year ago ratehr tha most recent.

The old system had a way to get to the latest Sky Q ddisucussions and posts.  Now it's not easy to find within this re-design and the only way is via a Google search for "Sky Q forum".

Has Sky prioritised loads of white space over basic navigation?  Please sort this out Sky!  I am beginnign to wonder how this new site design was tested with real people!

Production Supervisor

Deleted - got the answer elsewhere on these forums.



Production Supervisor

What a wasted opportunity? These changes do nothing to aid the user 'experience' or make it easier to use and navigate. There is simply too much wasted white space that makes reading even a simple post difficult let along follow a thread. This is especially the problem when browsing on an iPad Air 2. Why can designers not learn that there is no need to change things for the sake of it? Too many times I have seen these mistakes being made by those who are not actual users. Get a grip Sky and put it right (back)!

Boom Operator

I agree with the comment above.  It's change for change sake and adds nothing to the user experience.  If it ain't broke don't fix it! 


Like all SKY changes we are asked to comment but no one listens so we're stuck with it!


The new design looks very pretty, but I have a couple of issues.

Firstly, on the old forum when you posted you got taken to a page were you could select the post or the thread to see what you'd just posted.

This always annoyed me, as surely why would you ever not want to go straight away to review your post!

It was just another un-necessary click, when every other forum I use takes you to your new post as soon as you post it as a matter of course.

Now it just goes to a page saying you've posted, and the only option to check it is to click the link at the top just to go the thread and find it.


Also, where is the link to go to your e-mails while you're logged in?

It used to be at the top of every page with the log out link.

I can't find it at all now, which is very annoying as i used to use that all the time!

Thanks, Dave.


  @Dave+Hawley To get the email link, click Browse which makes a sidebar appear & then click My Sky near the bottom. This opens a new tab to the page you want.


So, three clicks where there was one before, as a direct link to e-mail was at the top of every forum page.

How is that an improvement?

Smiley Sad


Could I make a request/sugestion that an e-mail access link is added to the drop-down that appears when you select your avatar at the top right?

That's where I would expect it to be.

As an aside, my avatar now looks as if it's stretched vertically, not the right shape any more.

Can this be fixed too please?

Thanks, Dave.

Smiley Happy

Community Manager

Thanks for the feedback Dave, that's definitely something we will consider. If you go to your avatar and re-crop it (just follow the same process you did originally) after doing so it should appear correctly. 


Thanks Sam, I just reloaded my avatar and it seems to have come good now!

Could I make another suggestion that relates to somnething that I said ealier, that when you make a new post to the forum, that it automatically redirects you to the post so you can review it?

It always annoyed me that the old forum setup didn't do that, and most forums do.

Just going to a page that says you've posted is not frankly very useful!

One more personal thing, it has always annoyed me that when I registered here years ago, I registered as "Dave Hawley" but my user name came up as "Dave+Hawley". That "+" sign has always really annoyed me, but I didn't seem to be able to remove it. I certainly wouldn't have put a space in the name in the first place if I'd known that was going to happen!

Can you remove it? I'd be very happy if it was just "DaveHawley" all one word!

Thanks, Dave.

Smiley Happy


PM received thanks.

Smiley Happy


posts keep getting removed, confusing uneeded tool.


remove stuff which is needed to be removed


  @DealtWith It was reported elsewhere that the spam filter may have gone into overdrive in the last few days, maybe due to the installation of the new look forum, or the amount of posts about the loss of the Discovery channels, or perhaps a combination of both. If it's the spam filter then it isn't the same as Sky removing posts manually. I think someone said that posts removed by the spam filter eventually will make their way onto the forum if they're ok, not sure how though.

Boom Operator

Why does sky waste time on upgrading the forums when their Sky Q boxes keeps on crashing.  Shouldn't you rather focus on that first?  And although the new forum looks better, I don’t find it very user friendly at all.  If I have a question, why can't I just post it?  Why did you have to make it so complicated?  It's a forum! So make it easier for users to post.  This is ridiculous!

Director of Photography

Well it certainly is not an improvement on a desktop.

It may work on phones etc but as I don't use them for this it does not matter to me.

My vote is to go back to the old one.



The old one looked like it came from the 1980's.


Working with websites, Im telling u now this is much better..just that spam filter is on high alert.


Would have taken a lot of effort to create it tbf.

Camera Assistant

Looks can be deceving.


Everyman and his dog can work on websites these days. In this case only the dog must have turned up for work having to use  his paws.

Retired Staff Member

Hi all,


Thanks for all the feedback. Smiley Happy We've already rectified a number niggles raised and will continue to develop the community over the coming months. 


You can submit any further feedback in our dedicated websites board.