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What is the difference between sky broadband and sky connect?

I currently have ty phone and broadband with TALKTALK. I have done the line checker thing on my sky account but ithis is what it gave as a reply


Sky Broadband Lite and Unlimited are not currently available in your area, but you can order Sky Broadband Connect. 

You'll need to take Sky Line Rental with Sky Broadband Connect.

You don't currently have an active landline so any broadband and talk products are dependant on you also taking Sky Line Rental.



I gather it means my line has to go over to Sky but what is the difference between broadband unlimited and connect?

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Here there is some information for Broadband Unlimited



And some information on Connect


Sky Broadband Connect

£17a month
+ Sky Line Rental £14.50 a month

If you’re outside our network area you can still get Sky Broadband Connect, with a 40GB usage allowance, great for internet browsing and downloading.

40GB monthly usage allowance
Internet access when you're away from home
with Sky WiFi
Includes the new Sky Hub, our best ever wireless router, worth £69
Inclusive weekend UK calls# with Sky Talk Weekends
Ready for TV on demand
24/7 technical support and free 3 month trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite
Download free Parental Controls on up to 3 PCs at home
Hassle free switching – no need for a new number
Unbeatable customer satisfaction for Sky Broadband
when compared with BT, Virgin & TalkTalk

Had Sky Since 1987, it's Come Along Way :smileyhappy:
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Connect is a broadband product sold by Sky to customers who are not within the Sky network area. It's leased from BT, is relatively expensive, has a download limit of 40GB per month (1.3GB per day), which, if exceeded, may result in the broadband speed being reduced by up to 90%. The maximum download speed is 8Mbps, and maximum upload speed is around 0.4Mbps. It is also often heavily congested, and if you're affected, may reduce your broadband speed to a crawl during peak hours, even if you're not being traffic managed.


The Unlimited product uses Sky equipment, has no download limit (that's the unlimited bit), is not traffic managed so you won't be slowed down by Sky during peak hours, has a maximum download speed of around 20Mbps and maximum upload speed of around 1.3Mbps. As with Connect, the download speed you actually achieve is dependent on how far away from the exchange you are. A very small number of exchanges suffer from congestion which may reduce your speed temporarily - Sky is working to fix this. Sky Broadband Unlimited is by far the better produce.

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