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Can wireless range extenders be used with a Sky router?

Does anyone know if a Netgear WN3000RP-100UKS universal wireless plug in range extender can be used wth the new Sky router ? My daughters room seems to be a dead zone for the wifi signal and at best it is very low and virtually impossible to keep connected.

I dont want to have to go down the wired route as it would be more costly and mean she would have even more cables and boxes on her already cluttered desk.

I have tried relocating the router but with no improvement.


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i have a range extender set up.

works absolutely fine. New hub does not support 5GHZ channels but all range extenders support the 2.4GHZ channels so that shouldnt matter. 

you wll see a slight reduction in throughput but it will be minimal.

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Hi CAB13,


Unfortunately we cannot comment on another product to be used around the household that is not a Sky product.



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