What Options Do I have Now re Variety and Sports

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What Options Do I have Now re Variety and Sports

For years I have had the Variety Pack ( and whatever it was called before ) . Recently I took out Sky Sports as it was on offer but cancelled it when the reduced cost stopped and it went back to the normal price .I then discovered that Sky had given me two free months ( which end on 23rd Feb) 

I spoke to an Agent a few weeks ago to clarify what had happened and he offered me Sky Sports at £10 a month for nine months and said he would phone me mid February to sort this as if he did this now it would stop the 2 free months .


This was before the recent confusion re Discovery and Sky and set me thinking what to do ...I do watch some of those channels including Eurosport so keeping Variety Pack would be useful .


When this Agent does phone me ( assuming he does) should I try to negotiate a deal for Variety Pack and Sky Sports together  . Is it possible to lose Variety Pack but keep Sky Sports .....I know I need to have some sort of Sky Sub to allow me to record...... I also have BT Sport as I have BT Infinity Broadband .


I also need to ask them to replace my Sky+ HD box as it is playing up big time ( and has for a while ) . I have Sky Protect so that shouldn't be a problem but dunno what sort of box they'll give me . I could of course cancel Sky Protect and buy a box off Ebay .


Any advice will be welcomed . 



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Re: What Options Do I have Now re Variety and Sports

Do you have a 4k TV?


If you are changing your box and your package then they may well offer you an upgrade to SkyQ.


IMO SkyQ is very good, although it's quite new and the user interface is not nearly as polished as +HD, but we are hopeful of updates to the UI in the near future. I don't think it's worth switching unless you can take advantage of those sport channels in 4k though.


As Sky own the Q box you won't need to pay for protect anymore!


Finally there was talk of a loyalty program rolling out soon, to reward longstanding customers with better deals, maybe ask the rep when he calls and look about on the forums for more information on that.

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Re: What Options Do I have Now re Variety and Sports

I had to look up to see what a 4K TV is ..and the answer is no I don't  I don't even pay extra for the HD Channels as I don't feel the need .  lol


I'l 'phone them round about the  9th which is when the next bill appears on My Sky and speak to them about getting a new box and seeing what they can offer me for Variety and Sky Sports . .


Thanks for your reply .