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New customer

Hi,  I am new customer.  I was switched from talk talk 8th February this year, but I have some problems.  On Sky website was info that sky switching team will contact with my provider and cancel contract.  I was connected to Sky 8th but day before 7th talk talk charged  me for next month over 30 pound,  what now? 

And on my first bill from Sky is 20pound for new line instalation,  but that wasn't necessary because my actual line is in good condition and engineer who was in my house said your line is ok so we don't have to instal a new one. 

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Re: New customer

For your first issue you would need to contact Talk Talk but my guess would be they have charged you for the next month from the 7th because you didn't actually change over to Sky until the 8th so although it was just 1 day they would bill you for the next month. I would have thought they have some sort of process whereby you would be refunded.


For your second issue you would need to call Sky, the calls are free to you and explain to them about your billing issue. When you go through the phone menu's select the billing option.


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