why does sky go not support HDMI

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why does sky go not support HDMI

Connected tablet to TV and tried using sky Go, but is not supported. Is there any way around this.

Will it work with miracast?

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Re: why does sky go not support HDMI

There is no way round it as it is blocked due to rights issues and micracast doesnt work I believe.

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Having just spent £22 on a HDMI adapter for my Samsung 10...

Having just spent £22 on a HDMI adapter for my Samsung 10.1 Tablet, I was amazed to find that Sky has blocked HDMI output in the Sky Go Tablet app. I found another relevant thread on this forum which a Community Manager has rather high-handedly locked when I believe there is a lot more to be said on this topic. So much for freedom of speech!


According to Sky and other forum users its decision to disable the HDMI output on tablets when using the Sky Go app is due to contractual agreements imposed by rights holders. I think this is a lame excuse to say the least. How come the BBC iPlayer App is not similarly constrained? Where the BBC does not have the required rights, the relevant programs are listed but not available to view. Sky must have hours and hours of their own programming to which they hold all the rights; why can't they show these through an HDMI link? The whole issue is especially absurd when you consider that you can, as a subscriber, hook up to a TV via a PC or a laptop and watch Sky to your heart's content; such a link is outside Sky's control. Bearing in mind how much we pay Sky, I think this restriction is very mean spirited and does Sky's image no good at all. I guess the real reason is a perceived impact on their Multiroom revenue.


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