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why cant i make sky go full screen any longer?

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aspect ratio of the screen from sky has changed within all browsers. can no longer access all the functionality of the blue bar that appears on the bottom of the screen!?


tried restarting and relogging in and out, even tried safari and firefox, reinstalled silverlight and flash?


please help



PS im using a macbook pro

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I have been in a similiar situation once, but one thing t...

I have been in a similiar situation once, but one thing to do is 1)  either create a new account, or 2) delete your current account. When deleting your current account, there should be a setting that either saves all of your files and documents, but change the account or create a new account completly, where all your files and documents etc will be lost. Be sure to click 'Save All Files'.


If your not so keen on deleting your account, then what you could do is press the 'Home' Button at the bottom left of your keyboard, located next to 'Alt' or underneath 'Z'. A menu bar should appear.

Next, click on the search box at the bottom of the menu bar (where it says 'Search programmes and files') And type in 'Taskbar' A list of at least 14 programmes should appear. Click the one where it says 'Taskbar and Start Menu'. 

Try unlocking or unlocking your taskbar, or try changing the location to the right hand side, at the top etc. Click 'Apply' if you have made some changes or click 'Ok' if you haven't. 

If this still doesn't work, then you may have to go with the first option. Perhaps you should go onto the 'Control Panel' which is on the left of the menu bar and try fixing your desktop or toolbars. Good Luck! Smiley Very Happy