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why cant I pause programmes anymore

since yesterday I am not able to pause programmes


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Re: why cant I pause programmes anymore

Try rebooting your sky box at the mains.

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Re: why cant I pause programmes anymore

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I had this for a week too. Have just pulled out all the plugs, left it for a bit and put it all back on. Seems to be working now. Mine affected my recording of programs too- i.e. it looked like it was recording but shows not actually recording. hoepfull this has now reset. 

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Re: why cant I pause programmes anymore

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Hi charlie+eagle


Thanks for letting us know about the issues you're having pausing your programmes. I can understand just how important this feature can be, I don't think I will be able to survive without pausing Mount Pleasant to go and make a cup of tea. 


That said, I can see that you've been given some advice by Haich11 and caesarome to reboot your box. Has giving this a try fixed the issue? If it has, great! You'll be surprised how many issues this simple procedure can actually resolve. If not, get back to me letting me know what message you're receiving when trying to pause and I can help further.


I look forward to your reply.