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what does it mean billing suspended due to a error

hi went to check sky bill online and it said billing suspened on account due to error any ideas

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what does it mean billing suspended due to a error

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Welcome homer100,


You mentioned that you are being prompted that your billing has been suspended on your account due to an error which I am guessing is in your MySky account. This is an unusual one and I would like to help get you back on-line to be able to manage your Sky account as quickly as possible :-)


To be able to help further I need to know if your services are still showing active in your account or is there a payment due to be taken as it could be processing the bill which will stop anything happening at the moment.   


Also have you had this problem before or are you a new customer trying to access your account?


The more information we can get the easier it will be to help so I am looking forward to your response.