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transfering from sky+HD box to DVD



I had a look through the forum and found some instructions to connect the sky box dvd recorder and tv using scart cables so I could transfer my recorded programmes to dvd. I managed to do this but the picture quality is very poor.


Am I doing something wrong, is it the scart cables? Both scart sockets on my dvd recorder (Philips dvdr 610) say input and output, could that be the problem? I tried both ways round but I only get a picture at all when connecting the tv to the bottom socket.


Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Re: transfering from sky+HD box to DVD

Make sure your DVD SCART setting is RGB and if you have 2 SCARTS sockets on the Sky box choose the TV out one. Don't forget HD programmes will be downscaled to SD over anthing other than HDMI.

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Re: transfering from sky+HD box to DVD

Hi Annie+UK , thanks for replying, I have changed the scart setting to RGB and made sure the scart is in the tv out box on the sky box. Unfortunately this has not made any difference to the picture, it is the same even just watching sky through this connection, there is a lot of ghosting, it looks like an old VHS tape or a bit like when pausing a video tape.



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Re: transfering from sky+HD box to DVD

Is your SCART cable fully wired. Could you try another one?


Try switching on the SCART Control setting on your Sky box. My TV wont pick up the RGB signal unless this is also on.