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Re: telephone line

Hi Allan+Redden,


Are you able to confirm whether or not you have tried all of the troubleshooting on the following thread

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Re: telephone line

Can anyone tell me how long it takes to fix my phone line or get a reply to your e-mail confirming that they are dealing with the fault please?

I e-mailed the help line yesterday at 1pm and again at 6pm but all I've got so far is a standard no-reply acknowledgement e-mail to both.

I haven't been able to receive incoming calls since last Thursday.

Thought it was my phone at first, borrowed a standard phone to test on Saturday night. Did the usual tests as per the forum help ie. testing inside the main socket but still no incoming calls. Broadband and outgoing calls are fine.

How much does it cost to phone their helpline on the o8442 number ?

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Re: telephone line

Hi Jongwyn,


We have responded to your query on your other post.

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Re: telephone

hi just a thought has sky any plans to fetch out any handsets it would be great if you did then me and other sky customers could have everything media wise all sky package complete Smiley Happyrs dean12