sky - yahoo email?

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sky - yahoo email?

What the hell has happened to email? My pc is trying to download 500mb of old emails. Plus when I logon to sky email via IE it tells me I don't have the latest version (I have IE 10), then it sends me to a link to download IE8...that tells me it isn't supported on my operating system (Windows 8). Finally my phone downloaded a load of emails from 2011.


What's happening, and what am I supposed to do?

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It's complete and utter garbage.   None of the staff have...

It's complete and utter garbage.   None of the staff have any idea what's going on or when anything will work properly. When you call in and they are not answering e-mails - they've basically made a total pigs ear of it.

My Sky Id lets me log in to the but won't give me access to my e-mails,   my wifes Sky ID is no longer recognised at all even though it's still listed on my sky account.



Most of my friends have the same problem - main account ID won't let you access e-mails,  subsidiary IDs no longer even recognised.


Complete unprofessional rubbish.   They should be ashamed of themselves.

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