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sky go login

Sky Go loads fine. My user name already filled in. As soon as i type any character to input my password, the screen goes white. i've tried re-installing, updating silverlight etc. i'm using an old Sony Vaio laptop runnig XP pro service pack 3.

any help please...


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Re: sky go login

Hi bromihelp,


Thanks for posting on the Forum.


I'm sorry to see that you're having an issue using Sky Go at the moment, can I get you to try a different browser to see if this helps at all.


Please come back and let us know.


Many Thanks,

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Re: sky go login

Thanks Graeme. I don't load a browser... I select Sky Go, it takes me straight to page to input username and password. As soon as I touch first character of password,screen goes blank
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Re: sky go login

If this is the desktop application you are using then try unistalling it. To do this login to the sky go website here:


Click on "Settings" then "Install Desktop Software" then right click on the Desktop App box and you should then be given a unistall otion so select this and when it has been removed, reboot your computer then go back to this box and install it again.


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