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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

I bought the sky go sub only because I can't get a dish (I live in a flat that doesn't allow them), thinking I could stream to my ipad and then to the tv... I could use my laptop but the ipad would be so much easier!! The sky multiroom excuse doesn't even make sense in my case as I can't get it! Please, let us use HDMI with sky go on the ipad.

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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

The lack of HDMI out support/Airplay Support would only truly make sense if you could not do the same thing on an XBox 360 etc.


Many people have already shared reasons as to why Sky's policy does not make sense.


The limit of two devices in my opinion is enough to deal with the issue of non-subscribers using the service.


Come-on Sky - sort it out! There are tonnes, and tonnes of iOS users and the numbers are growing rapidly - they ALSO happen to be Sky subscribers. You need to keep us happy and let all this technology play nice - otherwise your competitors will benefit.  

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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect TV

I do find this incredibly ridiculous, Sky promote HD Movies and 3D Movies on the big screen, I can play this on my PC and view on my 42" TV yet I am restricted to my small iPad screen if I wish to play it on my iPad, I also pay sky for HD and the multi room package, I find this situation utterly ridiculous !! 


I think I may well be reviewing whether I stick with Sky in the future with these ridiculous restrictions for something I am paying for to be so restricted when XBox and PC usage is unrestricted - sorry but SKY this is a major sales prevention tool.


Even if I did not have Sky subscription I would have subscribed for the Ipad, however this restriction would stop me, I am sure that this is costing you sales and subscriptions, perhaps you think in this age of austerity you are protected and customers will blindly be led up a garden path, I can assure you this is no longer the case and you need to re-think your (albeit it successful so far) business model, businesses that do not adapt eventually fail !

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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

That statement is not correct ,as previously stated by many other contributors , It works perfectly well off a laptop, as I have watched it on numerous occasions using my laptop to HDMI output it to a TV . Come clean Sky and just fix the app so all your paying customers can use there IPads and the like. Or they may all decide to go to another supplier ,
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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

I just wanted to add how disappointing it was to find out that sky go doesn't work through connecting your iPad through your tv. It is clearly a decision that sky have taken as their sky news app works completely fine! I've also seen a YouTube clip which demonstrates the old app working through a tv! I hope sky will soon reconsider this step they've taken!
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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

Alas flogging a dead horse I'm afraid. Having said that I do find the following interesting to say the least:--



In a customer-focused business like Sky, we never lose sight of the people who matter most - our customers.


 Over the past year, we've invested substantially to make the customer experience easier, more efficient and more enjoyable than ever.  And we've spent a lot of time listening to and talking with our customers to understand how we can serve them better.

Jeremy Darroch CEO BSKYB

 Jan 2012


Great customer service remains central to our offering. We remain focused on improving product reliability and are providing ever-improving levels of issue resolution.

Jeremy Darroch CEO BSKYB

 31st March 2012


Maybe the above has not worked it way down the ladder yet????

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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

So what will happen. Some genius will come up with a crack for this problem that sky are creating and we'll all be able to get the benefit of our expensive monthly subscription. I think we should also start giving negative feedback to all of the retailers selling the cables as they say nothing about them not working on the main app they you bought them for in the first place. Another £35 down the swannie
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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

I agree with other comments that this is ridiculous. I bought an Ipad Digital AV adapter specifically to watch SKY on SKY GO when I am away from home. Every other app I tried works so this appears to be deliberate SKY policy, despite having a SKY subscription for years. £35 quid down the drain and a very disgruntled Sky customer. 

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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

This is why I find this statement a joke:-



In a customer-focused business like Sky, we never lose sight of the people who matter most - our customers.


Sky have lost sight of it's customers wish's a long long time ago and they have done nothing or listen to us, no matter what they say all you need to do is look at a list we have asked sky to sort out:-

More phone makes


Android Tablets

HDMI out for all platforms

device limits

rooted/jailbroken devices

and on it goes.

Pull your finger out Sky

iechyd da

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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

Having experienced no sky TV due to wind and rain I spent £35 on a hdmi cable to watch sky go from my iPad to TV only to find sky has disabled this. If I cannot watch TV due to weather notions and already pay for the full sky package and multiroom why are sky being so spiteful.
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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

Hello everyone - over 23,500 people have viewed this link - thousands have viewed other links on the same subject. Either create a campaign that Sky have to listen to - everyone email them to complain - start something on facebook etc etc or walk - i'm pretty sure sky can't afford to lose 23,000 customers overnight. 


We have the right to choose.


Why not chose a date to cancel - something catchy - say No in November - No to Sky Go. Give them time to redeem themselves - if not everyone cancel their subscription on the same day in November. It's up to you. We pay their wages remember.


Personally I like the app, and I suspect you all do to but yes I would like to stream it to a TV - i similairly bought a cable expecting to be able to watch from ipad to TV and was very dissapointed.


Well it's all up to you now..... you decide.



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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

Good idea to cancel together


but in the real world ipads have it better than Android tablets and there are more Android tablets out there, so you have it better in one respect.


If you are a mutliroon HD subscriber like me there is seriously little chance of cancelling SKY when there is no other option in the market to replaceit with for sports and movies together, which is lets face it Skys biggest USP.


In such a small market we'll have to rely on the geeks and nerds out there like the superstars on XDA and the like to crack the problem and then continue with the cat and mouse game that has ran for some time now.


The HDMI out excuse is rubbish, we all know that, so it is pointless going over it.


There is another reason we are not party to that is yet to be revealed.


If sky could block output from laptopos THEY WOULD, but they cant, so get a decent HD displaying netbook capable of dual operating windows and android and use the windows version when you want output skygo to a TV.


Use the tablet versio for everything else.


There are plenty of hybrids out there, decide what is most important to YOU as a customer and SKYGO user is being an iSheep more important or having the HDMI output you want from a portable device that does what you NEED and doesn't make a fashion statement more important than its functionality.


There is NOTHING an ipad can do that Android devices of the same age cant. It is a personal choice so we have to live with our choices.


I chose android and waited for the ICS update for my Galaxy Note.


If I want to HDMI out to a TV I use my laptop, I really do not see the difficulty in operating like this.


That said, the moment an HDMI out crack for ICS on android is out there I will probably give it a try, the issue then being quality of picture and life of the battery unless you have an MHL gadget.....


We could get 100,000 to leave Sky and it wouldn't matter that is probably no more than two months "churn"as they call it for them, in lost and new customers.


In the end they'll do what they want to when they want to, we just decide if we want to go along with this and if we decide to go along then stop griping......?




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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

Was able to watch sky go via the tv from a pc for ages, but now when you plug in the pc out cable from  the laptop to the tv it stops playing, however the moment you disconnect it, it starts working again.


What changes have Sky made to stop you doing this.  I pay for multiroom, and have a premium package, so watching sky go via another tv was the only way I could stop arguments in the house as evryone wants to watch different things.

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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv



Thanks for joining the Forum and for your first post. 


Can you tell me what happens when you try to watch this via the TV? 



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Re: sky go ipad 2 connect tv

I deleted my iPhones from skygo and tried to add my iPad 2 but it won't let me add it as a new device I haven't used my change for this month and Uighur can't understand why it won't add the iPad when the iPhone has been deleted ???