sky go and silverlight

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sky go and silverlight

I have downloaded silverlight as requested when I try to watch sky go but sky keeps telling me that I need to download. When I go to silverlight it tells me that the latest version is on my computer. Whats going on?

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Re: sky go and silverlight

I've had the same problem. It tells me to install it when I've already got it installed?? This started a few months back.


Weirdly, it started working again a few weeks ago and I watched a couple of Sinbad episodes. The last couple of weeks it's gone back to not letting me watch anything.

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Re: sky go and silverlight

Good Morning The+King+of+Sin & bondy45,


Thank you both for your posts to the Sky Help Forum,


I can see by reading both your posts that you are having the same Silverlight issue. I had the same problem myself and it drove me mad.


After taking my laptop into work to get Robert to have a look at we realise what I was not doing was deleting the playready folder before installing the new updated Silverlight. Once I had deleted the playready folder and reinstalled the new updated Silverlight I was able to watch Sky Go with no issues at all.


Can I get you both to follow this link written by Robert? You will find it is set out for both Windows and Mac devices.


Please come back and let me know if this helps.


Kind Regards


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