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sky box not switching on ...

when I try to switch on, my sky box wont start have msg on screen

"updating system software"

this may take up to 10 mins ,

Its 2 hrs later & I cant get it to start up can any one help ?


please & ta

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Hi sharonirving,   Thanks for your post.   I'm sorry to s...

Hi sharonirving,


Thanks for your post.


I'm sorry to see that you're having issues with your box, are you still experiencing these issue?


If so, try switching the box off at the mains and leave it off for a good couple of minutes, then try switching it on again.


If that doesn't work then do the same procedure again, but before switching the power back on press the 'back up' button on the box and keep pressing it while you turn the power back on.


You should see all the LED lights come on the front of your box, and then the message you had before. Leave it for the 10 minutes, hopefully that will sort it.


If not come back and we can see what else we can do.