sagemcom F@st2304 issues

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sagemcom F@st2304 issues

i have been a customer with sky (tv,phone & unlimmited brodband)for a number of years,at first i had no problem connecting my Windows Vista laptop wirelessly,the same goes for my grandson who is an xbox live gamer,for the last 18 months,despite my efforts to find a solution,(sky technical help guiding me on the phone)i have exhausted myselfe trying to get support,help & advice ,we have faied l to connect wirelessly on both devices,updated drivers,chaged channel on line with this router ,i have been a fool to pay for a service that sky cannot provide me with, the only sensible solution to connecting wirelessly is to change  providers.the forums are full of people looking for similar issues/sagemcom F@st2304 router/connecting wireless,this should go down in history as the most problematic router with sky.with regards,love & light to all,Samara & James,xxx 

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Re: sagemcom F@st2304 issues

Hi gillianpalmer,


Thanks for posting.


I can appreciate your position with your router and am sorry to hear you have had so many problems. We will documnet these issues and get them passed to the relevant department. You could always try upgrading your router through the shop which if your router is out of warrenty would be at a cost. this can be found here.



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