remote code for bush

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remote code for bush

eagerly looking for sky remote code.


bush tv

model: LE-40GCL-A


thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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Re: remote code for bush

Good evening Shaquie,


Great news I've found some codes for you to pair remote to your Bush TV


If you have a Version 4 or 6 Remote then the codes will be 0642, 0688 or 0742

version 8 1177, 1191 or 0642

Version 9 2060, 1695 or 1191


To pair the remote to the TV, please see this link


Let me know how you get on or if there is anything else please let me know.



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Re: remote code for bush

sorry, the code(s) you adviced didnt work for me. i have tried those codes before asking the forum for help....

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Re: remote code for bush

Hey shaquie,


Thanks for giving them a go and letting us know how you got on, although I would have hoped the codes provided would have been of some use.


As they have not helped, they are the only codes we have been provided with from your TV manufacturer so I'm sorry to say we have no other codes we could suggest that would not be a guess in all honesty.


It may be worth speaking with your TV manufacturer to see if they are aware of a valid code or not. If you can decide to do this please let us know how you get on.



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Re: remote code for bush

someone before me, asked bush for sky remote on their help forum. they have provided the same codes. those are not working Smiley Sad

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Re: remote code for bush

Hi shaquie,


Thanks for coming to us on the Forum,


I'm sorry to see that you have tried all of the codes provided from ourselves and from Bush directly. If you have tried all of the codes, then this is something that we have no further support for but it may still be something that the community can help you with. 



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Re: remote code for tv that comes from dreams beds san diego tv bedstead

I have a huge problem, as the tv that came with our san diego bed from dreams has no markings identifing it at all, its very i cant use the sky remote with the television. has anyone out there any idea what it is called, i have looked on other forums and some say to try 0446, 0634 or 0726 but alas these did not work, i am getting very frustrated, even the sky help team cant help me. please please does anyone out there know the answer to my problem......

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