"There is a problem with your viewing card"

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"There is a problem with your viewing card"

Hello there,


I`m a little angry right now so please excuse my tone. This isnt personal. I have just spent 20 minutes on my mobile to your help centre, only to be disconnected before i got the chance to speak to an advisor.


Before i go and spend another hour of my life on the phone going through all the processes that i have already tried, in order to get my Sky back up and running, i thought it would be wise to try here in the hope that you can assist.


For the past week or so i have been receiving the message " There is a problem with your viewing card. Ensure the Sky card is correctly inserted. Call 08442 414141 for assistance"


My installation and hardware was done around December/January this year, everything has been fine until recently.


I have tried the usual:


Remove the Viewing Card.
Wait 30 seconds then power your Sky box off at the mains.
Leave the box powered off for 60 seconds.
Switch the box back on at the mains and leave it for 3 minutes on standby to warm up. Don't insert the card just yet.
Press Sky to bring the box back on and go to Channel 106 (Sky1).
When the box asks you to insert your viewing card, re-insert it (chip facing down, chip first) into the Viewing Card Slot.
This process will reset the card reader in your box.


This brought my service back up and running for a few minutes.


I have tried a system update:


Press back up on the box. Remove the powerlead. Replace the powerlead whilst still holding backup until a system download occurs. All lights will come on the box ... blah, blah ...


This hasnt worked either.


Finally i tried a system wipe:


Services, across to spanner. 01 select. Into installer menu option system reset.


Again, unfortunately - to no avail.




Are you guys able to provide any further useful tips or should i bite the bullet and hope to not be disconnected a second time whilst running up a huge phone bill?

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Re: "There is a problem with your viewing card"

I have also checked my card for burn marks, and signs of over heating - it all seems fine.

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Re: "There is a problem with your viewing card"

I have also completely rebooted all my Sky hardware, router, Skybox ... everything ... and left them all off for a good few minutes, this has also had no positive results i`m afraid.

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Re: "There is a problem with your viewing card"

You could try, but it does sound like a faulty card or box.

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Re: "There is a problem with your viewing card"

Hi KerryBoo,


Thanks for your posts and for taking the time to join the Forum.


I'm just looking to see if you have managed to resolve this issue?