o2 to sky broadband

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o2 to sky broadband

i was an o2 broadband customer , now sky has taken over it, 

quote "

i received letter saying thanks for adding sky broadband its great to offer you more from sky. well be in touch again soon to give you more information about what happens next . 


just to comfirm what you'll be getting and what you'll pay


your broadband package     £7.50



if you take sky broadband  unlimited without sky yv an additional £2.50 monthly charge applies for it .


if you take any sky broadband package without sky talk  an additional £5 monthly charge applies (this excludes sky broadband connect). quote"


my question is  have i been signed up for another 12 month contract  ??

i currently have sky tv normal channels , so what will be my monthly broadband charge ???

and do not have sky telephone . 


i did use live chat, but turn out they couldnt answer me. so i thought i would ask online so others who might have similar questions my find answers .  


it maybe an idea to have a dedicated freephone number for this , not just free for sky telephone customers , 





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Re: o2 to sky broadband

From the information you've provided, I would assume your broadband will cost £12.50 a month. As for the contracts, your tv carries a seperate contract than other products. So if you add any new products, the contract will only apply to those new products e.g if you've had a tv subscription for 12 months then want to add a multiroom box, the multiroom box will have its own seperate 12 month contract. If in this case you add broadband, the broadband will have a 12 month contract from the date it goes live.  


Again though, this is information off the top of my head. It may be worth clarifying with other members of the forum (i'm a former sky employee). Hope this helps