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o2/Sky email

From the o2 website: "When your service moves to Sky you'll still to be able to use your email address for the time being with a reduced inbox storage allowance of 20MB. If your O2 inbox exceeds this, you will need to remove some emails and stay under this limit to continue to receive emails. Once you have moved over to Sky and set-up your My Sky you can generate your own new unlimited Sky account." Does this imply that the o2 email accounts of those who have been moved to Sky are doomed? Presumably, the inbox referred to is on an o2 server and these will no longer be accessible. So how does one keep the contents to below 20MB?
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Re: o2/Sky email

Hi JKG13, Welcome to the forum, I hope you find your time here informative and useful.

There are details on how to get your emails redirected either to your Sky email account or another email account of your choice here. Once you have your email redirection set up you won't need to worry about the inbox limit. In the mean time, delete or save important emails as a document and try to avoid having emails with large attachments sent to your O2 email address.



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