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no green light on sky+hd box

My Sky is working ok but the green light on the sky+HD box is not on (usually it is on all the time).  I tried resetting but it made no difference.  As I am getting programs it is not a problem but I wondered why.


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You could try a planner rebuild:

You could try a planner rebuild:


Or a software download:


Switch off at the mains,

Press and hold the backup button on the Sky box

Switch on at the mains keeping the Backup button pressed

When all 4 LEDS light on the front of the Sky box, release the Backup button.

You should see an on screen message advising the software is updating, the whole proccess should take about 15 minutes.


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Re: You could try a planner rebuild:

Thanks for the respons, I tried both options but neither has worked. The green light still does not come on (it did come on during the software download).

It is not causing any problems, I can vierw, record etc
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Morning gardener17,   Sorry to see that your Green light...

Morning gardener17,


Sorry to see that your Green light on your box is still not lit after going over the troubleshooting provided by caesarome, As your Sky Box is working ok it may be down to the fuse the light is connected too is no longer working.


If you have any issues with the box functions please get back to us, again if you have any questions or queries also.