my router keeps losing connection

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my router keeps losing connection

My router is playing up, ther are 3 lights on it,the bottom one should be a solid green but keeps flashing then going off which means i keep losing connection

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Hi lesley+joy,   I am happy to see another new name on th...

Hi lesley+joy,


I am happy to see another new name on the forum, although we would have hoped it had been under better circumstances.


I'm sorry to read that you appear to be losing connection to your router at times when the internet light is going off. If you have not tried this already, can you try connecting your device to your router via ethernet cable to see if this stops the drop outs from occurring?


If this does not help at all, can you make sure that your router is connected to the master telephone socket within your property. You may be able to find this as it will have a line running across it horizontally with 2 screws below the line. if you do not have this socket, do not worry about it, as not all properties have this.


If you can try the steps laid out here if this does not help any further they may well be able to help with this problem. If they do help, please mark this as a solution, if not, please post onto the forum as this will allow us to discuss this issue with you further.