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live tv constantly buffering

recently signed up for sky go but whenever i try to watch live tv it plays for about 2 seconds then buffers for about 30 seconds and then plays for another 2 seconds before buffering again and this is all it does can anyone help i am using firefox

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Re: live tv constantly buffering

Morning elvislives


Welcome to the Sky Forum Smiley Happy


Sorry to see you are having problems using the Sky Go. It must be really annoying having it buffing all the time


Buffering while annoying can be caused by several factors and in order for us to assist with the issue and identify the cause we would need some information relating to your connection and set up.


Can you tell us how your computer is connected to the router, is it wireless or wired using Ethernet?


Also can you also provide the following stats from your router



  1. Log in to your router by going to
  2. When prompted enter the username: admin & password: sky (in lower case)
  3. Scroll down and click on the Show Statistics button.
  4. Copy & Paste the contents of the window that opens up into a reply to this post.

Thank you



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Re: live tv constantly buffering

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System DetailsManufacturerModel NumberFirmware VersionADSL Firmware Version


ModemModem StatusDownStream Connection SpeedUpStream Connection SpeedVPIVCI

1294 kbps
346 kbps

ADSL PortMAC AddressIP AddressNetwork TypeIP Subnet MaskGateway IP AddressDomain Name Server


LAN PortMAC AddressIP AddressDHCPIP Subnet Mask


Wireless PortName (SSID)RegionCurrent ChannelWireless APBroadcast Name


Attached Devices

Unknown Cabled
PAUL Wireless
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Re: live tv constantly buffering

Hi digger1958,


Thanks for your first post.


SO we can can off advice, it would be great if you could provide a little more info on the issues you are experiencing.


I realise by posting on this thread you are more than likely experiencing excessive buffering. Could you also confirm how long you have been having these issues and if you have taken any steps thus far to try and resolve?