late payment

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late payment

Am having trouble paying my bill this month. Hoping to pay end of the month, making my payment late by a few weeks. How long before my services will be suspended.
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Re: late payment

There is no real answer to this as this is all done by a computer, they could be suspended after a day or even a week but the chances are that they will be stopped sometime. To get them reinstated you will have to pay what you owe.


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Re: late payment

Great to see you coming to our Forum for advice on this Buzzbystar30, I'll help clear this up for you Smiley Happy


once the payment is missed, we would the resubmit for the payment a second time, this can happen anywhere up to 10 days after the original payment is missed. If the payment is missed for a second time the Direct Debit would be cancelled and then the services would be suspended.


Once this happens we would need any outstanding balance cleared and a new Direct Debit set up before we can reinstate your service.


As Caesarome says, we can't put a definite date on when this will switch off or if it will before you pay the bill. However I hope I have provided you with a bit more understanding of how the process works.


If you need anything clarified further then please feel free to come back to me and I'll assist further.



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