itv1+1 scotland

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itv1+1 scotland

having lived in wales for too many years i care to remember, where you got ITV+1 i returned back to Scotland few weeks ago, along with my SKY TV and tonigiht just realised after ive just spent about 25mins scrolling through all the channels (lost count how many times been right through them) and cant find ive googled it and all the answers are few years old stating you cant get ITV1+1 and you have to add it manually using the information on one of the posts but when i got to the other stored channels it isnt there.


now how can that be that you cant get +1 ???????

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Hello sweetlips,   Unfortunately due to a rights issue, I...

Hello sweetlips,


Unfortunately due to a rights issue, ITV+1 is not available in Scotland and only available watch in England and Wales. I do believe you may be able to add this channel to 'Other Channels' in your Sky+ HD box through 'Add Channels' however this isn't something we can advise on and you would have to seek advice from a third party. 


Feel free to have a search through our community for a possible answer to your question.


If this information has helped answer your question, then please click Answered as this may help other customers with a similar question. However if it doesn't answer your question then can I ask that you post your query onto our dedicated Sky Programming & Channels board in our Help Forum and a member of our community can help you further.