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iPhone 4S not connecting to my Sky WiFI

I have two laptops and they both connect, as does a Google Nexus tablet. But my iPhone 4S refuses to connect it keeps saying "unable to join the network" the password is correct from back of the card provided, I have turned the router on and off to reset it, I have also tried to manually type the network name in, and that doesn't work either, forget the network and retry, ask to join networks is off. Please help.

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Re: iPhone 4S not connecting to my Sky WiFI

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I would suggest playing around with the wireless channel on your router which you may find will resolve your problem. There can be cases where too many wireless routers being picked up can affect your wireless connection as there is too much interference, or simply the wireless signal is operating on a frequency that doesn't work well within your home and can't easily pass through walls or other objects. You can have a go at this here.


Let me know how you get on with that.