i've just brought a new tv

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i've just brought a new tv

I have just brought a new bush tv but i cant get my volume to work on my sky remote i have tried three codes from mysky website but still not working. The model of my tv is BUSH DVB-T LED40127FHDCNTD
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Re: i've just brought a new tv

Hi sadler2013,


Can you tell me is it is here that you tried to get these codes? I know that you have given the model of your TV and the make however I can't see where you have given the version of your Sky remote control? The version (REV4,6,8 or 9) which can be found on the inside compartment of the remote control where the batteries are kept will allow you to be able to get more specific codes?


For example from this page here: a version 9 remote control gives the codes 2060, 1354, 2242 but a version 8 remote control codes come through as 0642, 0688, 1177? These codes will be different for each version so please find the correct one for your remote Smiley Happy


Let me know if you are able to get this completed and that your volume function is now working!