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how do i reset sky plus box? (new sky pin still doesn't work!)

I changed my sky pin over half an hour ago, and it still says its the wrong pin when i enter it on my sky plus box...?

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Good evening JM+Taylor,   Welcome to the forum and thanks...

Good evening JM+Taylor,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.


System Fault messages can be cleared by following a Planner Rebuild process which performs maintenance on your Sky box.

Planner Rebuild


  1. Press Services on your Sky Remote and move across to Settings and press select.
  2. Access the Installer Set Up by pressing 0 (zero) 1 and then select.
  3. Use the left or right arrows to scroll along and highlight Rebuild (this will change to Planner Rebuild when you’ve reached it) and press select.
  4. You’ll receive an on screen message saying "This will take a few minutes to complete. The rebuild will stop all recordings and reboot your Sky+" Press select to continue.
  5. An on screen message saying “Housekeeping Please Wait” will appear. This should only show for 2 minutes. If it stays on your screen for longer than 2 minutes please take your viewing card out and reset your box.
  6. When the housekeeping message has disappeared your box with automatically turn off and on again and be in the stand-by mode (showing a red light).
  7. Wait 3 minutes and press the Sky button on your remote to turn the box back on out of stand-by mode.

If this doesn't work then you can change the pin here: Change TV PIN.