free 1 month movies trial

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free 1 month movies trial

Hi can someone please clarify something for me Smiley Happy


ive been thinking of mabye upgrading to sky movies ive just seen u are offering a 1 month free trial for existing customers which would suit me great as i can then see if i like it my question is


it says u wont be charged if u cancel within 28 days but i thought u had to give 31 days notice to cancel any subsciptions which would mean it cudnt be cancelled without going over 28 days and therefore u wud be charged a month in other words u arent getting a free trial????


sorry if this is a daft question if in anyone can clarify in simpleton terms lol i would be gratefull  thanks

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Re: free 1 month movies trial

jeezo can no one answer this for me?

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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Hi Melblyth,


Thank you for taking the time to post o the Sky Help Forum.


If you were to upgrade over the phone, then we could place your cancellation request againt the movies in the same conversation to ensure that you do not get charged when you shouldn't.


I hope this helps.

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Re: free 1 month movies trial

i was also wondering this and the answer hasn't helped me as the terms and conditions say 


Sky Movies Offer: Sky Movies available free for Sky TV customers for the first month. After one month you will continue to receive Sky Movies at £8-16pm depending on your package unless you cancel within 28 days of trial period. 
to me that means i could order the movies and cancel on the 27th day and have no charges 
also would i have to ring up customer services to get the free wireless connector that's also being offered in this offer
and finally would this affect the friends and family discount that i currently receive by taking up this offer and cancelling if its not required after the free trial 
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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Good Morning jammie82uk.


If you wish to downgrade the package you would have to give 31 days notice.


So if you wish to take up the offer however, do not want to keep the Movie channels on after the first month free viewing you would have to give the 31 days notice the same day as you add on the channels.


If you have been offered a Wifi connector free of charge I suggest you follow the instructions on the mail shot / email / flyer you received.


If you are on a family and friends offer and you change the package you are on then you will lose the original offer you have been given.


I hope this helps.


Kind Regards

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Re: free 1 month movies trial

It appears that I have just been caught by this scam

I took out the "free"movies" for 1 month and just rang tp cancel witjin the 28 days to be told the movies will cancel on 27/10/13 

The web site clearly states cancel within 28 days and makes no reference to 31days. 

I have a meeting with trading standards on monday (on a business matter) and will be raising this.

I have also raised this with customer services. 

I will keep you posted with the reply.


Somehow I should have known not to trust Sky but I did check the t&c s before agreeing 


According to the Sky response above 

If I agree and immediately cancel I will be charged for 3 days therefore it cannot be defined as free!!!


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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Hi jigno, thanks for getting back in touch about your issue with the offer.


For any Tv subscription you add on, when you want to remove this you would need to give 31 days notice to cancel, in regards to this offer, as Fraser has mentioned you could add this offer and cancel it in the same conversation, so it would be p[possible to redeem this offer without having to pay for an extra month.


I hope this helps clear things up.



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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Perhaps you would like to provide a link that makes any reference to 31 days on the web page relating to the offer.

It simply says you can cancel within 28 days ..... which I did

You are relying on terms that are NOT made clear at the time of the agreement being made.

You cannot therefore rely on them

We will see what trading standards have To say tomorrow

At this moment you are looking to lose me as a customer

I do not appreciate companies that use deceipt to prosper


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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Still Waiting for a reply
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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Hi jign0,


Sorry to see there is a wee bit confusion with the Free Movies for a Month offer.



Let me clear this up for you.


When you start the offer and you upgraded to the Movies for the month for free you will not be charged for this, when you place the cancellation again you will not be charged for the movies.


You can check your billing here and this will confirm no payments for the Movies have been taken. If it says otherwise please get back to us and we can easily get this sorted for you.



Hope this helps.


If you need any further help with anything please get back to us on the Sky Forum.

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Re: free 1 month movies trial

You have three charges for Entertainment Extra with Movies.
This is because your previous payment had already been taken when you upgraded to Entertainment Extra with Movies.
We therefore had to add your first partial month's charge and first full month's charge to this bill, as well as your ongoing monthly charge billed one month in advance.

Billing Period Charges
Entertainment Extra with Movies 12 Oct - 11 Nov £41.50
Credit for Cancellation of Entertainment Extra 12 Sep - 11 Oct - £25.50
Entertainment Extra with Movies 12 Sep - 11 Oct £41.50
Viewing Subscription Discounted 12 Sep - 08 Oct - £14.40
Credit for Cancellation of Entertainment Extra 09 Sep - 11 Sep - £2.47
Entertainment Extra with Movies 09 Sep - 11 Sep £4.01
Viewing Subscription Discounted 09 Sep - 11 Sep - £1.55
Yours at no extra cost
Sky TV total: £43.09


If you can understand that you are a better person than me - nothing with Sky is simple 

Standard monthly payment is £24.00 - this months payment is £43.09 

doesnt look very free to me



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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Complaint sent to the Advertising Standards Authority 


I took up the offer on 9/9/13 with a note to cancel within 28 days if i did not wish to continue. On 27/9/13 I rang Sky to cancel to be informed I had to give 31 days notice and would be charged for the movies (pro rata) to 27/10/13
I advised SKY that I had cancelled within the 28 days as stated on the terms and conditions.
Nowhere on the web pages or the T&C's does it mention 31 days.
Having looked through the forums I found the attached thread. I responded as Jigno. I requested a link to the T&C's but their coordinators failed to respond.

I did receive this from a coordinators via email:
Hi Jingo,
Sorry to see there is some confusion with the Free Movies for a Month offer.
I can see that you have placed your cancellation within the 28 days and have now been advised you have to give 31 days’ notice, so this means that you will be charged and the offer is now not free and can understand how you feel as I would be the same.

I will get this looked into for you by our escalation team; they will be in touch via Private message and get this looked into and resolved for you.
Let me know how you get on.

I note on the T&C's's the link directed me to "Minimum and further terms apply" however as there is no link to these additional conditions (and it would be impossible to find them - GOOD LUCK) I do not consider it is reasonable to rely on them. These were certainly not made clear at the point of sale
The bill that I was then presented with (was so confusing - as you will see from the forum) clearly states that SKY will be removing an additional amount from my account this month.

It may only be £16.00 but it is the principle. £16.00 x No of deceived customers = £000,000 for SKY

I trust you will find this worth persuing


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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Morning jign0,


Jane has asked me to contact you via private message so we can look into this 1 month Sky Movies trial.


I have sent you a PM this morning and you will be able to find it here.


Hope to hear from you soon.




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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Hi yes I queried this when I ordered the free trial 28 days to cancel then 31 days to take affect.


But my remote has packed in so I was speaking to an adviser last night to replace it and I thought I shall cancel my free subscription, So I rang to speak to a Sky adviser over the phone and when I said I would like to cancel my subscription I was then told I have 2 free months and I can cancel at a later date .


I would like a bit more clarification on this please.

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Re: free 1 month movies trial

Hi Haich

Truth is I don't think they actually know
I received a phone call from Sky to resolve this
I raised the question of £8.00 or £16.00 per month depending on the package.
I was originally told it was only £8.00 is you had Sky sports channels otherwise £16.00
Yesterday when I raised this I was told this was not correct
It relates to Movies1 or Movies2 packages - 1 for £8.00 or both for £16.00 (however these are no longer available)

When I stated this was also misrepresentation as I could not obtain the movies for £8.00 I was told it was not available but Sky has the discretion to apply it !!! More underhand dealings!!!
Trading Standards is quite clear on this also.

I did ask for Sky to rely by email or on the forum, (as a phone call recorded by them - not by me gives them the ability to deny it) but was told she did not have the facility to do that!

It appears the more I dig the more I uncover.
They have also started sending me PMs - is this becoming too hot to cover on the Forum?
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